40 Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women and Girls

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (21)Nothing says beautiful like effortless, wavy hair. These stunning wavy hairstyles encourage you to lay down the hot tools and embrace your natural hair texture. So go on and give one of these attractive wavy hairstyles looks a try…you know you want to!

If you have wavy hair, pay attention. Waves are an integral part of nature. These highways of information available here allow us to see, hear, taste, touch and experience sensation of wavy hairstyles. The patterns expressed by air waves, sound waves and ocean waves are mimicked by S-shaped waves and C-shaped curls.

Hair can tell a story through the rhythm and frequency of a wave design. Take a look at history and notice how distinct wavy hairstyles are indicative of specific eras.Their potent messages aptly reflect the standard of beauty for the time. Just goes to show you how a simple wavy hairstyle change can bring new life to your personal style. Here are 12 hairstyles for wavy hair to create today.

Wavy Hairstyles Collection

Bubbly Volume Wavy Hairstyle

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (1)© Hair by Adir. Huge waves that softly swoop and swirl into blissful waves. Add some caramel highlights to the dark chocolate base color to create awesome contrasting colors.

In order to execute this wavy hairstyle Start with clean dry hair and apply the appropriate heat protecting products. Section up about half of your hair (from the ears up) and secure. Use a large barrel curling iron, 1 ½ “ – 2” to take pieces of the dropped down section to curl until the entire bottom section is wavy. Drop down the top section and curl pieces until the entire top section is curled. Use a flat iron to smooth over the bangs so they are nice and sleek. Spray some shine spray or hairspray and then run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls and turn them into large waves.

All types of faces can be complimented by wavy hairstyles and this deep side part and bangs compliment oval, and heart shaped faces. This style looks great on thick hair with straight to medium wavy texture. Tease the crown area for more volume and lift at the roots. This is especially helpful if you have long heavy hair and cannot create volume with your blowdry.

Falling Mid Parted Wavy Hairstyle

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (2)© Yellow Strawberry Global Salon. Combing a center part and curling hair away from the face creates a soft cascading feel that is really on trend right now. Platinum blonde color seems to glow with the light hitting it at different levels. Teasing the crown slightly helps add volume and shape to the style.

In order to execute this wavy hairstyle, part hair down the center, comb through, and apply the proper heat styling products. Section and secure the hair from the ears up on top of your head. Take a larger sized barrel curling iron and begin to curl the pieces of the dropped down section. When curling the pieces, leave the end two inches of hair out of the curling iron and do not curl. This will help your to keep the ends of this wavy hairstyle looking soft and loose – not tight and coiled. Drop down the top section and continue to curl. Make sure you curl the front pieces of hair away from your face on either side to create the cascading effect. Gently tease the roots at the crown area for volume and then spritz with hair spray!

This particular wavy hairstyle is best for those with thicker hair who already have a slight wave. If your hair doesn’t hold a curl well, these loose waves may fall out throughout the day. A center part keeps the look fresh and modern.

Soft Long Waves

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (3)© Kristin Ess. The beautiful focus on the wavy ends of this wavy hairstyle is great! Start with clean dry hair, part to the side, and spritz with hairpsray. Grab medium sized pieces of hair, hold the tips of the hair with your fingers and wrap hair around a large sized (2”) curling iron. You only need to wrap around the bottom three fourths of the hair strand to create that soft wave you see in the picture. Keep grabbing pieces of hair with your fingers and wrap them around the curling iron until your entire head is nice and wavy. If you want you can do this with your longer bangs too, just wrap them away from your face for a nice natural look. In our views these wavy hairstyles are universal and will work for all face shapes. If you have really curly or kinky hair this look will be really hard to create.

Classic Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (4)© Mara Roszak Mare Salon Star Works Artists. This classic wavy hairstyle is a no brainer for any special event. Luscious layers and caramel highlights make the traditional look more modern. The best part is that it suits any face shape and hair texture.

Medium Wavy Hairstyles with Bedhead Feel

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (5)© Evolve Hair Studio, Hair by Meg. While this messy medium wavy hairstyle might not be an option for the work week, just wake up and go on the weekend. Simply spritz dry shampoo and toss your hair for the ultimate “model-off-duty” look.

Twisting Up Wavy Hair

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (6)© Mara Roszak Mare salon Star Works Artists. Lilly Collins. Pinning wavy hair at the nape of the neck gives the illusion of a full bun, even if there is not enough length to actually create it. This wavy hairstyle stands out due to the lightened ends, which give it a truly radiant appearance.

Back Swept Wavy Layers

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (7)Layers can sometimes lack movement and appear lifeless. Honey brown accents, fullness at the roots and flicks at the ends of the layers keep this look modern and exciting.

Little Balayage with Black Wavy Hairstyle

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (8)© Sara Evolve Hair Studio. Dimension a little bit of balayage never hurt anybody. It’s a great way to give life to flat colour! Colour and cut cred goes to Ashley. Become a present-day bombshell with sensual Marilyn Monroe curls. Give your hair an edge with a stark jet-black hair color for a look that is equal parts Old Hollywood glamour and rock star chic.

Chic Wavy Bob

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (9)© Kristin Ess. A layered bob wavy hairstyle will always be classic and timeless, but this look becomes more current with the addition of soft washes of color at the ends of the hair. Not quite an ombrè, the occasional subtle hints of the lighter browns make this voluminous style even more interesting.

Hauled Up Wavy Bob

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (10)© Kristin Ess. Women with thinner hair often wonder how to style their locks in the best possible way. Short elegant S-waves provide a lot of lift to a simple bob. With a medium-sized barrel curling iron, add waves to the under and upper layers for the most body.

Angled Bob Wavy Hairstyles

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (11)© Jenny Cho. Anne Hathaway. Wavy hairstyles can be tricky, but if they’re styled properly they look adorable. Go for an angled bob or an A line cut to give some shape to otherwise uncontrolled curls.

Redhead Wavy Bob

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (12)© Kristin Ess. This bold color is full of rich tones and glimmering highlights. To achieve the curls, work with your natural texture by only curling pieces that need shaping. Or if you have straight hair, get this natural look by using different sized barrels. Bring on the gloss treatments!

Side Fishtail Braid For Wavy Hair

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (13)© Julie Jackson. Wavy hairstyles for long thick wavy hair look exceptional when left down to be caressed by the wind, but there are ways to add some flare to your wavy locks, while still enjoying their natural beauty. For example, try out a side fishtail braided wavy hairstyle and pin it back like in this picture. The small addition makes all the difference.

Lob-sided Short Wavy Hairstyle

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (14)© CA Looks Salon. A short and sassy wavy hairstyle can still flatter your luscious tresses. Blend two cuts, two textures, and two colors in one look, and you’ll get a super hot style to turn heads and raise interest towards your personality.

Side Swept Bangs Wavy Hairstyle

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (15)© Shockwaves Hair Studio. This hairstyle for thick wavy hair is easy to do at home. In fact, it’ll only take you a few minutes in front of the mirror in the morning. After livening up your hair with a curling wand, twist the back and pin it up, allowing your face framing pieces to flow freely.

Bun Wavy Hairstyles

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (16)© Sandra Just Curly. As much as we all love our natural wavy textures, sometimes we need a break from styling. Waves can be exhausting to keep up with and every now and then, we deserve a day off from the hassle of fighting the frizz. This bun wavy hairstyle is a great and classy way to pull your hair back quickly.

Wavy Pony Game Always On!

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (17)© Kristin Ess. This long wavy hairstyle can be fixed in a few minutes. Just pull your hair up into a high ponytail and be sure to slick down the edges for optimal smoothness.

Daring Waves in Short Hair

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (18)© Sonia Yark, Evolve Hair Studio. Wavy hairstyles look attractive. You need just to texture your locks so that they don’t stick out randomly. Charlize Theron’s short wavy haircut flatters her unbelievably. You may follow Charlize’s example and scrunch your wet hair with a curl enhancer. As soon as the product is applied, blow dry your curls away from your face. You may want to apply a bit of hair spray to keep those cute top curls, swept back.

Bouncy Wavy Hairstyles

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (19)Similar wavy hairstyles for thick wavy hair have become classics and won hearts of both teen-age girls and adult ladies. The bouncy curls are universally flattering for practically all face shapes, except for very broad faces which should avoid excessive volume on the sides. You can finally forget about flat ironing! The bouncy curls are extremely appealing and feminine.

Pixie Wavy Haircuts

Most Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women (20)© Emma Watson. We are already used to medium-length messy wavy hairstyles for thick hair, but what if you want to embrace the trend and try a messy ‘do for your short locks? It’s going to look great. This stylish wavy hairstyle looks attractive on girls. The soft copper hue will enhance the color of blue or grey eyes. Use color-retaining shampoo, apply some texturizing product and let your hair air dry.

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