68 Incredible Thick Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women and Men

Thick hairstyles put forward limitless incredible options from stylish and sassy short hairstyles for thick hair to beautiful layered long thick hairstyles. Actually, thick hair can be a blessing at the same time a curse for people. It’s just a suitable thick haircut that makes it blessing.

For many people who can’t figure out what does “thick hair” mean. Thick hair has a wider diameter than the average hair or we can say hair with much density. Thick hair actually means bulky hair. So, while choosing a thick hairstyle or thick haircut, our main motive is to make that particular hairstyle flattering. If you have straight thick hair which is very rare, then it’s okay. But if you have wavy or curly hair with thick dimension of hair then you may have nightmare for your hairstyle.

With this small negative aspect, on the positive aspect with thick hair you can always be convinced that your ears won’t thrust out when you are wearing sleek and straight looks and your hair will not be oily looking too quickly as it can occur with fine hair.

While talking about thick haircuts for women, we would like to start with bob hairstyles for thick hair. In medium length bob thick hairstyle won’t leave you apathetic with a selection of stylish finishes and fresh coloristic solutions. In our views, medium length is the most suitable length for women with thick hair. Bangs, shag, layered, Mohawk and pixie almost with every haircut in thick hair you are going to reveal plenty of incredible thick hairstyles.

While talking about thick hairstyles for men, we would like to tell you that thick hair is actually a blessing for men in any way. There is no negative aspect of curly or wavy hair, since most of the men like to have small or medium thick hairstyles. All you need is to choose a flattering haircut that looks stylish and also suitable for your life style. Most men want a thick hairstyle that don’t let it get excessively voluminous but bring out the natural hair thickness and its health. Shag, sleek, undercut are just few names while listing thick haircuts for men. Here enjoy a good list of thick hairstyles for both men and women.

Thick Hairstyles for Women

Mid-parted Long Thick Hairstyle

Incredible Thick Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women (1)© Raffel Pages. This thick hairstyle is much more tranquil and informal in compare to other long hairstyles for thick hair. We think it’s one of the most desired and incredible hairstyle among women. If you have a round face then mid flowy layers can help in lengthening your round face, while the loose waves offer an unforced and light golden brown finish.

Incredible Loose Top Bun with long thick hair

Incredible Thick Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women (2)© Tonya Pushkareva. If you are sanctified with thick long hair then you may be already aware that one great thing about long thick hairstyle is that voluminous up-dos are so very easy to achieve. You just need some back-brushing, a few bobby pins and hold hairspray for getting ready for any formal or informal occasion of your life.

Long Wavy Layered Thick Haircuts

Incredible Thick Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women (3)© Gabrielle Roccuzzo. If you are sanctified with a combination of wavy and thick hair then we would like to inform you that short length is not recommended for this type of hair, but thick hair is unquestionably a go-to for a long thick haircut. Actually with longer Length you can balance out the volume that’s added by the layers leaving you with an incredible and proportionate thick hairstyle.

Straight Long Thick Hairstyle with Out-curled Ends

Incredible Thick Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women (4)© TATIANAK. T | THE SALON. If you want to add a delightful touch to your straight thick hairstyle, you can do it by slightly out curling your hair ends. In order to get this incredible thick hairstyle first of all blow dry straight with a little serum and then use a medium curling iron on the tips only. At least cover two stages of layers, otherwise you won’t get this look.

Side-parted Loose and Natural Colored Long Thick Hairstyles

Incredible Thick Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women (5)© Dayna DeFazio. We are certain that loose long waves are a great go-to, when you have enough thickness in your hair. You can definitely add a natural color like her in above picture. For getting incredible loose waves, you just have to blow dry your hair with a round brush.

Incredible Layered Bangs Thick Haircut

Incredible Thick Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women (6)© Marcio Alves. With thick hair you don’t have lack of hair so get more layers; it will lead to more movement. As a compliment you can add a long bang, that can be side swept or frames your face. It will give you incredible thick hairstyles for long hair that will soften your face features and will give you soft look.

Low Textured Bun with Long Thick Hair

Incredible Thick Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women (7)© CHELSEA KANE HAIR. Women with thick hair are already aware that they can enjoy those warmer months, a casual date and a friend’s night out with a low messy textured bun. Not difficult to get, just resume with sock bun method and then wrap a bottom piece of hair around the base. This incredible thick hairstyle is very popular among home maker women.

Long Feather Layered Thick Haircut

Incredible Thick Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women (8)© Maxwell Mathson. For getting this incredible long thick hairstyle, your hairstylist will finely texture ends of your hair. Due to this you will get softer blending of the layers and it will lead to interest without breaking up on the whole length of your hair.

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