35 Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women, Red Hair Color on Radar

Red hair is mesmerizing! Most girls have tried red hair colors at least once. What was your try? Copper hair color, dark red hair, reddish brown hair, burgundy, lighter shades of red, or maybe just red highlights?

All these options are fabulous and they do make us brighter, hotter and speedier in life. Not so many people are blessed with red hair color by nature, but, luckily, beauty industry gives us opportunities to try whatever hair color we want. If you are not a natural redhead, you may test your dreamy color in one of short red hairstyles.

Those who don’t feel like going for a solid red hue, may try ombre. Red ombre hair works for any base hair color you have from blonde to dark brown. You may get cute red babylights on the ends of your bob and look terrific. Discover the bright world of red hairstyles and haircuts and add some color into your look and life!

Red Hairstyles

Wavy Long Red Hairstyles

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (1)© Cosmina. She’s looking gorgeous with her wavy long red hairstyle styled into a side sweep. The light flicks, achieved with a curling iron to define the layers, and your sweet look is ready. You will cope with this red hairstyle at home even if you have no particular hairstyling skills.

Shoulder-length Red Curls

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (2)© Celebrity Women. Kate Mara giving that look with her appealing golden red curls with a shattered texture. Once every lock is curled, tousle your curly red hairstyle carefully to preserve the lovely pattern and texture. Note that with long hair you tease your locks at the roots and shape curls from mid shaft to ends.

Angled Layered Red Hairstyles

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (3)© Mark Woolley. Simplicity can be as striking as this! The magic is in the lines and these are wonderfully arranged in a composition of balanced shape and intrigue. A clean side part separates long sections that fall straight and heavy with only minimal movement.

This red hairstyle is about the shine and the color of the hair. In the lower part we see a large amount of texture cut into the angled layers. This is a nice contrast to all of the silky sleekness that is going on and makes the ends looking so very soft.

Curly Red Hairstyles

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (4)© Team John Beerens Hairstudio. Rich, lush, and as appealing and warm as a summer sunset; this curly red hairstyle is a real head-turner. The curly red hair is cut in a long, layered style to balance and evenly distribute the volume of hair on the head, and the layers are textured to soften the ends and give an airy quality to the overall look.

Razored Bob Red Haircut

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (5)© Laetitia Guenaou. This red hairstyle actually looks a lot like the one that Taylor Swift is currently wearing, although in this particular picture a lot of emphasis has been put on the texturizing of the style. What makes this red haircut stand out from other bobs, is that the back section is left long and not texturized, while the middle and side have been thinned out and texturized to create feathery spheres that protrude convexly to the front of the style. The frontal “points” of the weight line that frame the cheeks have also been thinned out and razored to emulate a soft, feathery look.

Straight Short Red Hairstyles

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (6)© James Parrucchieri. Burgundy red, shiny and shaped with modern sculpture in mind, this short red hairstyle enchants with every element of its alluring design. The lower half between the back of both ears has been seamlessly graduated and then transitions to a sleek upper half, styled for inner volume. The surface of the hair is straight and polished to allow this exclusive color to radiate to its fullest potential.

A long strand in this red hairstyle is curved into the face, following the line of her jaw while also allowing the ear to peek through. Of course the partition is also laser sharp and a lot of heart stopping movement swings the long fringe to the left side, partially hovering above the face and not touching the skin.

Ruby Red Hairstyles with Bangs

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (7)© Top Model Coiffure, France. This look does not need an elaborate cut or styling. Simplicity in in this red hairstyle makes the intense color even more precious. A deep ruby red is evenly coating the thick hair. A simple, straight fringe and fluffy volume with bangs in the straight red hairstyle is all that is needed for a sensual, passionate, extravagant and utterly spoiled expression.

Ponytail Red Hairstyles

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (8)© Alina Kovalenko. When you need an appealing red hairstyle to go out and minimum time for preparations, a ponytail is always a solution. Here Alina Kovalenko’s ponytail red hairstyle is sitting mischievously on her shoulder. The ideal sleekness is not a must. On the contrary, a messy touch can become the zest of your look. All kinds of ponytail red hairstyles are being super-popular in 2017.

Medium Messy Red Hair Color

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (9)© Veronika Miklovičová. Her red hairstyles are really appealing, but her locks always shine with health and natural beauty, so it’s a pleasure to style them. The loose curls at the ends are shaped with a large-barrel curling iron. It’s one of the most effortless red hairstyles that will never let you down.

Burgundy Red Bob Hairstyle

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (10)© Prof hair design. Having a dark red or purplish toned red dye added to your hair can create a lot of interest in the look, especially when an appealing color is paired with a creative cut. With this red haircut, you can go from work to the club, adding just a dramatic cat eye.

Bright Straight Bob Red Haircuts

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (11)© Margout Darko. Red hair can be done in a few ways, with straight lines or with a more bright (like a layered lob). This blunt bob red haircuts help the honey tones of this bright red hair shine.

Short Pixie Red Haircut

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (12)© Linda. Pixie red haircuts are perfect for sassy short red hairstyles which would really be appreciated by moms, because of the minimal amount of effort they need to look modern and stylish. Even the bedhead look appealing with this kind of haircut.

Curly Red Hairstyle

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (13)© Framboesa. For curly hair, it can be more difficult to go for an appealing red hair color. In these cases, we recommend going for curly halo hairstyle like this. This curly short red hairstyle with dipped ends looks appealing in elegant up-dos and sassy loose styles.

Bold Short Red Haircut

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (14)© Brenton Lee Salon. This red short hairstyle look is appealing and piecey, making it a great style for those with a bold attitude to try. Once your hair is straightened, you only need a little pomade and hairspray to mold your layers in this funky fauxhawk style.

Blonde and Ombre Red Hair Color

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (15)When you start with red hair color, there isn’t really anywhere else to go on the color spectrum other than pink. If you don’t wanna go too girly way, try golden blonde instead. Choppy, straight across bangs can also give your style a brand new personality.

Long Ombre Red Hairstyles

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (16)© Lab Salon. Very long hair often needs some shape and dimension – you can make your red hairstyle appealing by adding blunt bangs. These will brighten the face and showcase your brown to red ombre, or whatever color combination you may choose. But we are in love with this ombre red hair color.

Natural Ombre Red Hair Color

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (17)In our views, the most low-maintenance ombre for real redheads looks like this. Leaving your natural auburn hue at the roots, in order to get this you ask your stylist to make it lighter at the ends. As a result, a new growth doesn’t need any color correction, while you sport you classy natural ombre red hair color and look all the rage.

Twofold Braid Red Hairstyles

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (18)© Alina Kovalenko. Definitely, this red hairstyle reminds you about your childhood. Twofold braid with red hair look so amazing. And redheads with braided hair look so pretty.

Updo Red Hairstyle

Appealing Red Hairstyles for Women (19)© Alina Kovalenko. If you hold your red hair in an updo, then your updo must be decorated like this. This updo red hairstyle reminds us about the heroines of fairy tales, we all have watched in our childhood.

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