42 Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women, Ombre Hair Color

The rational ombre hair color choices depend to a great extent on the natural color of your hair and partially on its length but are not limited by them. You can easily decide on reverse ombre or try unexpected short ombre hair versions for a more original sharper look.

And beautiful long tresses, of course, fulfill the concept of ombre at fullest. Long blonde ombre hair is charming in soft sombre looks. Tender delicious hues of caramel and chocolate blend perfectly into brown ombre hair solutions.

With black ombre hair you may come up with some gorgeous dramatic looks. And, certainly, redheads shouldn’t miss a chance to rock this season passionate and eye-popping red ombre hair styles.

Ombre Hairstyles

Blunt Ombre Hairstyles

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (1)© Patrick Trant, Clementine Hair Studio. Many of the women hairstyles depend upon angled cuts and wispy strands to look relevant, but with this ombre hairstyle, a choppy, blunt cut is where it’s at. Start with a rosy gold and work it down to a pink hue. Or, you can opt for black and red ombre or blonde to red ombre if you want to mix things up.

Multifaceted Ombre Hair Color

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (2)© MELiA, The Phoenix. Opt for a Multifaceted ombre hair color job that includes both dark burgundy and bright red. The result is stunning and memorable. As long and as much layered your hair would be, the prettier it will look.

Natural Long Ombre Hairstyle

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (3)© Aline Costa. Looking for something less-intricate ombre hairstyle. Opt for natural blonde ombre hair color that quickly fades into a homegrown color like honey brown or blonde. This look will still draw attention without getting you expelled from college or skipped over for a job promotion.

Blonde Red Ombre Hairstyles

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (4)© Chantel Alexa Reyes. When you start with red, there is no need to go on the color spectrum other than pink. If that feels a bit too girly for you, go with a golden blonde ombre hair color instead.

Light Burgundy Ombre Hair Color

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (5)© Anastasia Zoi. If you don’t need bold and bright ombre hair color, then you can opt for a subtle and descend ombre hair color into a gentle gold. The longer your hair, the more beautiful this will look – especially when paired with chunky jewelry and dramatic makeup.

Platinum Blonde with Red Ombre Accent

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (6)© Hairdresser Volkova. Blonde hair is stunning on its own, but when you mix in some bright red ombre hair color, you are only adding to the gorgeous drama. Get your locks lightened to the degree where they’re almost white, and then apply the red ombre accents so they look practically painted on.

Strawberry Blonde with Red Ombre Hair Color

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (7)With this ombre hairstyle, you can rock even in the simplest outfit. Half fiery red, half strawberry blonde with a soft seamless transition is a terrific coloristic idea for girls who enjoy being the centre of everyone’s attention.

Wink Wavy Ombre Hairstyle

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (9)© Hair by Katlin. Women who want a more natural look should opt for a balayage ombre. The painted on method creates softer lines like the caramel ribbons shown here. It’s perfect for those who want a sun kissed glow year round.

Silver Ombre Hair Color

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (8)© Koppela Hair Extensions. Ombre hair color can be as creative or as natural as you want it to be. The concept still remains the same – fading one color into the next one from top to bottom. Smoky silver with a twisted braid make a charming hairstyle for a women, who is looking to update her hairdo with a fresh ombre hairstyle.

Subdued Ombre Hair Color

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (10)© Morgan Granger, Salon Mecca. Subdued ombre hair color is an updated version of the popular trend. It melts highlights into a lighter hue at the bottom for the overall silky color that blends better with the dark base of hair.

Purple Ombre Hairstyles

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (11)© Vivid Mermaid Rainbow Atlanta. Ombre hairstyles can come in a variety of different color shades. By sticking with dark tones on dark hair, or light tones on light blonde hair, you can add color without having to use bleach or harsh chemicals. Her own hair is used here as the flower accessory for her charming hairstyle.

Classic Dark to Light Ombre

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (12)© Patrick Trant, Clementine Hair Studio. One of the classic ombre hairstyles involves a fade from dark to light to give a lived-in appearance to your mane. Pair with beachy tousled waves for a low maintenance look that is appealing in many different settings.

Charming Light to Dark Ombre

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (13)Light to Dark Ombre hairstyles are created when colors go from light to dark instead of the opposite. This is not recommended for thin strands because it will emphasize fineness throughout the crown, but it is a fun ombre hair color for blondes with medium to thick hair.

Medium Dark to Light Ombre Hairstyle

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (14)© Patrick Trant, Clementine Hair Studio. This classic medium length dark to light ombre hairstyle gives an impression of dark hair gone lighter in the sun. The soft waves and tender brown tones are so in tune.

Wavy Brown Bob Ombre Hair

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (15)© Two Chairs Hair Artistry. This short hair ombre hairstyle will win the hearts of those who love natural-looking hair colors. Here again we mix softness and shagginess for touchable and admirable locks. Beautiful!

Burgundy Ombre Hair Color in Medium Length

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (16)© Cory Hoffman @ Butterfly Loft. Curious about new hair color ideas for short hair? When you go short, that’s a perfect opportunity to experiment with bleach. It will be easy to maintain healthy ends when you aren’t aiming for length at the same time. Picking a warm-toned burgundy ombre hair color is best choice, but choose according to your skin tone and eye’s color.

Short Undercut Ombre Haircut

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (17)© Katie Sanchez. We personally like ombre undercut a lot. Since it can be styled in so many ways. And here’s proof. Instead of styling it to the front or one side, try blowing the hair in every direction for a modern, charming look. She got her short blonde hair colored with red ombre hair color.

Brown to Blonde Ombre Hairstyles

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (18)© Photo by PR Photos. Here’s Vanessa Hudgens at a award function flaunting her brown to blonde ombre hair color. Vanessa is fond of using hair-extensions to mix up her hairstyle a bit and add color to her dark-brown tresses. Here her stylist used a very-light blonde hair-piece to create a stunning brown to blonde ombré look. This is probably a one-piece hair-extension, clipped around the back of the head, from the back-area of one ear to the next. The length of her own hair is disguised in a small, tightly wound bun at the back, beneath the extensions.

Curly Bob with Ombre Hair Color

Charming Ombre Hairstyles for Women (19)© Helga Esteb / Shutterstock. Jennifer Lawrence’s charming look can often be contributed to her “on point” ombre hairstyle. While this is a warmer tone, overall, for Jennifer her ombre hair color, seen here, in the front is deliberately done to open and brighten the face up. It also adds a bit of spunk to her style without having to be drastic. Jennifer’s stylist put a little twist on the bob, literally by using a curling wand.

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