50 Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women, all Hair Types and Length

There are a lot of myths about African black curls and natural hairstyles in the mind of people from afro-American ethnic and other ethnics. We are in no doubt that you are going to fall in love with selection of our inspiring natural haircuts and hairstyles. We will also try to remove as many doubts in your mind about amazing kinky coils.

Inventive natural curly hairstyles look very complicated and full of efforts, but factually they are effortless and significant enough to bring out the unique texture of your hair. There are some protecting hairstyles for natural hair that will make a scheme on keeping your natural curls healthy.

Natural hairstyles can be proudly worn with any length of hair, but usually short natural hairstyles are preferred. You guys are going to get surprised with many short hairstyles for natural hair. There is no lack of styles for natural hair, natural braided hairstyles, inspiring yarn dreads, natural updos and Natural hair Mohawk are few names we want to let you know for now. Here you going to get surprised with our selection of inspiring natural haircuts and hairstyles.

Natural Hairstyles

Spiral Bob Natural Hairstyles

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (1)© Legendary Studio. Spiral bob is one of the most common natural hairstyle for medium length of hair. Her spirals are very much under control. The resulting texture is uninterrupted. The bouncy crochet braids are done in a bob shape with some light layers and some long strands just around her face.

Short Twist Natural Hairstyle

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (2)© Sasha Basha. If you are seeking an easy natural hairstyle for your short length, then twist is for you.. It’s a popular defending hairstyle among the many young afro-American women. Since this style is easy to maintain, you can sleep on your bed without messing up your curl pattern. By combining a flat twist in the front, you can protect the ends of your hair, which are the most prone to damages and breakage.

Tapered Faux Natural Haircut

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (3)© Dani T. The tapered faux hawk natural haircut is a popular style among young afro women. Since it’s gaudy, flattering and quite easy to maintain. It’s not a rocket science to get this haircut, just get tapered your sides and fluff the curls. Obviously, you can play with different color according to your skin tone and personality to augment your look.

Short Braided Natural Updo

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (4)There is a myth that natural hairstyles are unruly and can’t be chic. In point of fact you can have more fun due to adaptability of natural curls. These natural curls can be braided or twisted it up into an inspiring updo, even with a short length. This is an ideal hairstyle for having a impression of your profession and creative image.

Medium Curly Natural Hairstyles

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (5)© Fabien Provost, Fabio Salsa. This inspiring medium natural hairstyle is entirely under-utilized for some profound reason. Leaving your medium length curl according to its natural structure will give you dramatic results. Let’s have a glance at her natural tight curls; her hair is a magnificent mass of ringlets that bursts with a voluminous haloed upshot.

Double Toned Short Natural Hair

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (6)© Dayna Bolden. It is not necessary to have long length to enjoy a double toned hair. In short length of natural hair you can add a splatter of color. With a shade of blonde on your black African natural hair you can have an inspiring natural hairstyle.

Curly Puff Natural Hairdo

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (7)© Jessica Correia. After looking this curly puff you would be wondering how creatively natural hairdo can be done with minimum effort. It’s a beautiful alternative when it comes to hairstyles for natural hair with short length. You need a band to hold your curls in place for getting this ideal puff.

Simple Gorgeous Short Curls

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (8)© Lea Hall. With your natural hair you don’t need much to look good-looking. What you need just simple gorgeous short curls. You can get some hold and sharpness by the application of hair wax or get. If you still want to add more with your simple short natural hairstyle, then you can add few clips.

Afro Segmented MOHAWK Natural Haircuts

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (9)© Step The Barber. If you are a natural haircut that is very unique and inspiring, then your head surely turn to this mohawk haircut. Remember that this is a bold commitment, you must be bold enough to wear this chic natural hairstyle. You can make it more chic by getting a unique color and segmented sides.

Braided Mohwak Natural Hairstyles

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (10)© Loop Salon. This inspiring natural hairstyle is made up with many constituents. The gorgeous loopset is created with twisted curls with faultless form spring out over the compactly braided cornrows on the sides, which actually give a look of faux undercut. The double toned color is what always work as a magnet.

Braided Crown Natural Hairdo

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (11)© Beauty by Chelline. Here is a chich natural hairstyle to carry out on any texture of African-American hair. This braided crown hairdo looks tempting on almost all the women with small natural hair. If you want to save everyday time spent on your hairdo, then this braided crown can be carried out for many days.

Short Natural Hairstyle with inspiring color

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (12)© Alexandria Nicole. It’s a protecting natural hairstyle that work with texture of your natural hair. You don’t have to put much effort for getting this. First of all get an ideal color like this one in the given picture from a profession hairstylist. When it comes to your daily routine, then just blow dry your hair, apply serum or mousse and then rod set your curls.

Mid-parted Natural Hairstyles

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (13)© Philesha Alise, Capelli & Trucco Salon. In our sights the passion for mid-parted style hasn’t passed by natural hairstyles for short length. Actually, this classic hairstyle is going updated with many new elements. You need to take good care of your curls, by infusing good moisture to theme. The best is Moroccan oil or coconut oil also can be applied.

Kinky Side-parted Classic Natural Hairstyle

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (14)© Micalyn. Everyone will fall in love with her kinky hair and hazel eyes. We know till now we have listed many inspiring short natural hairstyles, but we are listing this classic hairstyle now. Actually, everyone forgets about classic. However, this side-parted natural hairstyle is gold.

Short Protecting Natural Hairstyle

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (15)© Dani T. This is one of the best protective hairstyle for natural hair. You can get it done by a professional stylist. But it would be fun if you learn it yourself. There are some videos available online also. But don’t forget to apply enough amount of argan/moraccan oil before starting the procedure.

Yarn Dreads Protecting Natural Hairstyles

Long Parted Yarn Dreads

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (16)© Hair by Indi. Yarn dreads is one of the most simple & easy protecting natural hairstyle. It always looks inspiring. It’s all up to you, whether you select just one yarn shade or select several colors and mix them imaginatively. Some of the things we like about yarn dreads are that they are cheaper than the many other extensions as well can be washed out, conditioned and moisturized. This side parted long yarn dreads hairstyle is awesome with some imaginatively hair accessories.

Braided Yarn Dreads Protecting Natural Hairstyle

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (17)© Kersti Pitre. Getting yarn dreads is not enough. You have to style your yard dreads according to your personality. This forehead braided yarn dreads natural hairstyle frame the face in an inspiring way. It gives a youthful and joyful look to your personality as well it softens your facial features.

Undercut and Yarn Dreads Top Bun

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (18)© Julius Knowles. There are mainly two benefits for getting this undercut and yard dreads top bun combination. First it looks really stylish and awesome and second is it will save your money. If you can complete your top crown area with 1-2 packs of yarn it will save your enough money. Undercut yarn dreads natural hairstyles with stylish color like this must be worn by daring and modern girls.

Yarn Dreads High Ponytail Undercut Natural Hairstyles

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (19)© Christian Gibbs. One of the favorite yarn dreads natural hairstyles is here. As we said earlier getting yarn dreads is not enough you have to style them according to your personality. Updos can be very thick and bulky, but a high ponytail neither will be very thick nor bulky. Try a razor-sharp undercut with imaginative shaved designs for a more inspiring hairstyle as well your overall hairstyle would be easy to manage.

Mid-length Protective Yarn Dreads

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (20)© Muto Rikako. Growing natural hair is not an easy task. That’s why this natural hairstyle is very popular among black women. This mid-length yarn dreads natural hairstyle is easy and protective. You can have fun with yarn dreads while growing length of of hair.

Colorful Mohawk Yarn Dread

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (21)© Naturallyshesdope. Mohawk is like a blessing for women with natural hair. While you are opting colorful yarn dreads, mohawk will give you an awesome and inspiring look. You can go with just a single bright color or can choose different bright colors. If you choose colorful yarn dreads you are going to rock like the above women in the above picture.

Natural Curly Updo with band and bangs

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (22)© Naturallyshesdope. Natural hair is known for its extraordinary curls; with an updo like this you can augment the beauty of your naturally textured hair. Long, natural curls can be hot and frizzy during the humid months, so with the help of band you can pinned up your natural curls in a voluminous delight on top. Rest of the work in the inspiring natural hairstyle would be completed by those curly bangs.

Half Braided Natural Updo with Cornrows

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (23)© Offbeat beauty spot. One of the favourite is this half braided updo with cornrows in the list of most inspiring natural hairstyles. This elegant updo is ideal for short natural hair. It’s really creative and relatively trouble-free to complete.

Full Braided Updo for Natural Hair

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (24)© Entwine Couture. Most of the updo natural hairstyles you would find, you would see braids in them. Actually, braid and updo is a gifted combo for natural hair. Another example of an inspiring full braided natural Up Do in given above. If will protect your hair ends for maximum growth & retention.

Bun Natural Hairstyle with Side Braid

Most Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Women (25)© Transitioning to Natural. This natural curly bun is not much difficult to do by yourself and it’s also very gratifying for your natural black hair. To obtain this natural hairstyle, part your hair horizontally a few centimeters above your hairline, then make a crown braid. Enfold a big twist and drape your curls loosely at the back of neck. We hope you enjoyed and found your favourite natural hairstyles from this list.

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