120 Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women and Men

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (5)Undoubtedly, medium hairstyles are very adaptable for both men and women. It doesn’t matter what kind of haircut you are having in your medium hair, it is long as well short enough to style it many diverse ways. You can wear any kind of your favorite medium haircuts and favorite color in medium length hair.

When we talk about medium hair, then shoulder length hair are assumed medium hair for women and for men it’s only hair that can cover some or full part of ear and nape but do not touch the shoulder.

Here we are explaining different medium hairstyles that you can mix and match to ensemble your facial features, fashion and individuality.

Medium Hairstyles for Women

Cluttered Twist Updo Medium Hairstyles

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (1)© Ivy Hibberts, Bob Steele Salon. Some may call it classic updo medium hairstyle, but today’s hairdresser has turned it into modern ,soft and cluttered look. The slightly cluttered look makes it totally sexy instead of bothered. Soft short layers must frame the face to get this absolute amazing medium hairstyle.

For getting this medium hairstyle, use a large curling iron to add some waves and create some volume to hair strings. Spray your whole hair with light hairspray to give it some hold. Grab hair like you do in ponytail and then twist it up into a French twist. Don’t forget to locked your hair with bobby pins and hairspray. In our views all face shapes work well with Cluttered Twist Updo medium hairstyles.

Smack with a Twist

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (2)© Kathy Adams Salon. In our views, this stylish medium hairstyle updo would look great with any hair color, but we extremely love this glowing copper hue! A side part, a mocked crown, and a glossy twist all are combined together wonderfully into a little messy bun. This updo is really attractive without looking too oppressive.

In order to get this medium hairstyle look, first of all, part your hair. Use a fine toothed comb and tease the top area of hair. Smooth over softly to create a glossy bump. Twist up and back the hair above the hair, locked your twisted up bump with a bobby pin. Congregate all the remaining hair at the backside and create a messy bun. Don’t forget to spray with a strong hold hairspray. You don’t need any particular face shape or hair type to achieve this kind of updo medium hairstyle.

Artificial Medium Hair Bob

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (3)© Brittany Lefebure, Kenneth’s Studio for Hair. This pretty curly medium hairstyle is a true figment of your imagination. Shoulder length hair is curled and pinned just right so it looks like a short, playful bob. Make this look extra alluring by boosting color of your hair to a creative touchup. Healthy, glossy hair will absolutely astonish with this adorable hairstyle.

In our views round, square and heart shapes are best faces to get praised by this bob medium hairstyle. Don’t need to think about your hair texture or thickness.

Layered Bob Medium Hairstyles with Highlights

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (4)© The Empress Freedom AVEDA ARTIST. Layered bob medium hairstyles are not short, they have longer ends. This bob is on a slope in the front to brush just cross the chin line. Adequate hair length flawlessly frames the face. This medium hair bob is a popular hairstyle for many reasons. It’s suitable for both working women and homemaker women. You can accelerate the look of bob by getting highlights in your hair length.

Blonde Wavy Medium Hairstyles

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (6)© Kristin Ess. This wavy shoulder length hairstyle is great for those who want a shorter haircut but still want adequate hair length to work with. If you are blessed with wavy hair than by adding a few layers, you can bring out and flaunt your mane’s natural texture. Blonde, brunette or any other creative color is going to work well with this medium hairstyle.

Choppy Bob Medium Hairstyles

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (7)© Mara Roszak, Mare salon, Star Works Artists. Don’t you like this Emma Stone’s sexy choppy bob medium hairstyle? This hairstyle is a very good example of well-placed hair texture. It’s not very difficult to get hairstyle like this. Apply a bit of mousse to add volume to the choppy. All then complete the look by teasing the front layers on one side of your mane faintly. Then place the other side slackly behind your ear.

Straight Medium Hair with delicate Layering

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (8)© Tamela Lemieux. You can prefer to go with straight medium hairstyles with layers. This kind of medium hairstyle has set new boundaries because of the way the hairdresser has mingles the layers as they were cut. You can faintly push back your straight medium bob like this one in the picture, or left totally straight on your face.

Spectacular Sloping Medium Hair Bob

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (9)© Hair by Kathy Nunez. Have a look at this incredible shape of medium hairstyle bob shown in the image. Front hairs are longer than the collarbone length around the face but back hairs are sheared to a couple of inches above the neck. The awesome sloping hair look and precipitous angles give a spectacular feel to the overall look of the hairstyle.

Bendable Medium Hair curls

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (10)© Saint Algue. You have surely started thinking about getting this kind of awesome medium hairstyle. This awesome bendable medium hair curls are achieved by using large barrel rollers and round brush styling. Apply mousse in order to give, natural hold to the hair during styling and mousse also allows the hair to be combed out to achieve bendable curls. In addition to this, fringes are stretched out to give the hair a squashy, feminine and noticeably romantic look.

Lived in Waves Medium Hairstyles

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (11)© Mark Townsend. This glamorous lived in waves medium hairstyle is not bound to any special occasion, appropriate for formal as well casual everyday lifestyle. The definite lived in waves add richness to the medium length hair. Have a look at this glamorous Rachel McAdams’s medium hairstyle. She is flaunting and loving this hairstyle a lot..

Side Parted Medium Hairstyles

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (12)© Mark Townsend. This layered medium hairstyle is one that can stand out you in a crowd. Medium length hair is side parted and styled for getting big waves and maximum volume framing the face. The hair puffs out from the forehead and curves soothingly into a mass of curls along the bottom edges. The hot and soft silhouette of this medium hairstyle is both attractive and decorous, and definitely can make you stand out in a crowd.

Shabby Medium Haircut with a Long Edging

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (13)© Bulachka, Boston. This is an incredible medium hair bob. In order to achieve that special medium hairstyle, layers are cut beautifully and skillfully to create the unblemished tapered silhouette. And a single long thin piece on one side is left. It’s very nice to have a personal touch and a cool tone that inescapably draws people’s attentions.

Dished Medium Haircut for Curly Hair

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (14)© Jet Atkin. Curly hairs are factually made for dished bob haircuts, and it’s always better to choose a shoulder length hairstyle with thick and curly hair. Everything is beyond admired is in this medium hairstyle – volume, shape, texture, length, and also the color. The undisclosed thing we love most about these thin blonde highlights is in their munificent amount and the selected ashy hue.

Mocked Ponytail Medium Hairstyles

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (15)© Mara Roszak, Mare salon, Star Works Artists. If you’ve got black or dark brown hair, this simple medium hairstyle look will perfectly complement it. First, tease your hair at the roots to avoid a flat look. Part your long bangs to one side, and sweep all your locks back. Then, pull your mane into a low pony and fasten it with a hair band. Wrap one strand around the pony base to conceal the elastic.

Blue Shoulder Length Waves

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (16)© Toni Rose Larsen. Check out her beautiful mermaid blue medium hairstyle. The shoulder-grazing razored cut with shaggy ends works great with the color reminding us of some stormy waves. All sorts of asymmetry and side sweeps are very flattering for round faces.

Medium Hairstyles with Feathery Curls

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (17)© Mara Roszak, Mare salon, Star Works Artists. These medium long curls are as irresistible as a spoon full of freshly whipped cream. With this medium hairstyle it will not matter what you wear, you will be impeccable in cut off jeans or in your glamor gown. The hair has been layered in the lower inches to achieve the rounded volume with a sleeker top section.

The shape and the color look very natural and unpretentious but yet they exude this effortless, undramatic but intense chic. Darker roots to the light blonde hair give it that natural blonde feel – and who knows, maybe she really is! Make them wonder, enchant and always leave a wake of star dust behind you.

Medium Hair Bob with sinking curls

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (18)© Mara Roszak, Mare salon, Star Works Artists. The Balayage 2 Ors, an exclusive Franck Provost technique, is applied to a golden, natural light blonde on base, highlightened with intense transparent gold effects. The radiance and shine of the colour are emphasised by the application of the golden copper Nutricolorist Colour Boosting treatment, to reveal this medium hairstyle.

A shoulder-length bob, with subtle layers on the lower section while keeping volume at the ends. The front section is cut into a slightly oval shapebelow the chin. A tumbling curls version for glamour and extravagant volume, with Franck Provost Normal Hold Mousse.

Face Framing Medium Hairstyles

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (19)© Filippe Darocha, Hair by Carpy Coiffeur. Face framing medium hairstyles with deep bangs have been around for decades and are still a favorite of fashion. This dark chocolate colored medium hairstyle has been softened and lightened with deep texture in the tapered section that begins right at chin length and reaches all the way to the collar bone. Brow covering bangs bring the attention to the eyes and high cheekbones are also emphasized.

Modern Tapered Fringes Medium Hairstyles

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (21)© Nicolas Valois, Hair by DESSANGE. A shag made for a modern mermaid has long lines, reaches just below the shoulders and glistens in a brilliant blonde as bright as the froth on the ocean waves. The long bangs are styled to the side with three distinct sections all curved and jutting outward.

The lower layers with their tapered edge are turned inward to accentuate the line of her neck. This medium hairstyle shows a wonderful combination of shape, sleek texture and yet a lot of action and movement in every strand.

Brushed Back Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (20)© Jenny Cho. Emilia Clarke. Large curls are brushed and styled towards the back in sweeping flows that show the trace of fingers or a wide comb raking through. A perfect face framing oval is achieved with the refined cutting technique and the layering that makes sure every hair has its perfect place and length.

A side partition adds sophistication to this medium hairstyle as does the warm brown base with just a few accent highlights.

Soft Blonde Medium Hair Bob

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Women (22)© Carlo Ballocchi, Hair by Paul Gehring for ALCINA. One of the most versatile and beautiful medium hairstyles of the season is once again a bob. This soft blonde creation comes with an extra long fringe, slightly parted in the center and softened at the cutting line, it provides a beautiful emphasis to her eyes, whose color is also reflected in her flowing metallic silver top. An ingenious integration of hairstyle and outfit.

This medium hairstyle has the perfect length to show off the soft shiny turtleneck but of course also looks amazing with bare shoulders. It has soft volume and is curved in under the chin, following the shape of her head. This length between short and long is the most elegant and versatile with a high dose of timeless chic, but always looks very contemporary.

Medium Hairstyles for Men

Medium Hair with Undercut Sides and Back

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Men (23)© Josh Lamonaca, MENSPIRE Salon. Mid length hairstyle is having a moment for guys, and nothing is more chic than the undercut. Pair your smooth and sleek undercut with a short, clean-kempt beard and you’ll really be looking fresh. If you want to try this medium hairstyle but your hair isn’t quite long enough, opt for an Ivy League while you are growing it out.

Flounced Back Pompadour

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Men (24)© Andrew Hairdresser. If you’re in search of medium hairstyles for men that have a modern style, you might want to actually think retro—especially if you have piercings or tattoos. The mix of old school hair with new school body mod is super cool.

Medium-fledged Layers

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Men (25)© Sanrizz International Artistic Team. Another longer, yet still classic medium hairstyle look, this layered circle cut features undercut sides with clean lines at the sideburns and around the ears. Softly textured ends are created with a razor for a smooth, but textured look.

The styling features blow-drying with light hold product for volume and movement, with a touch of pomade for definition and enhancement of the textured effects. The hidden parting adds a point of focus to the medium hairstyles and helps to give additional visual interest.

Medium Hairstyles with Side Burn Paler

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Men (26)© Dilland Moore. Most men with medium hair like to work with their natural texture. If you have natural waves in your hair, you can brush it back after drying and let it take on its own medium hairstyle. Be sure to use a light hold gel to keep hair in place (and off your face).

Taper with classic Medium Curls

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Men (27)© Josh Lamonaca, MENSPIRE Salon. The trendiest mens medium hairstyles are all about curls and tapers. Combining textured hair with perfect fades and edged out hairlines is very in right now. Trust us—it isn’t easy to figure out how to blow dry your hair into curls that fall flatteringly. So before you leave the barber chair, ask for styling tips designed for your cut and hair type.

Medium Hairstyle for Very Curly Hair

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Men (28)© Braid Barbers. In our men’s medium hairstyles collection, we see a layered cut executed on a head full of curls. The tapered lengths with a rounded top and crown are meant to manage the bulk and volume of the hair. As a result, the haircut is ideally suited to very curly hair types.

As with most curly hairstyles, it is critical to exercise care with styling (particularly drying) in order to minimize the frizz and fuzziness that can result from overly-dry curly hair.

Use a diffused hair dryer and leave-in conditioner and never attempt to fully dry the hair. A light-hold styling product can offer control and manageability for curly hair and can be freshened up with a simple spritz of water or extra leave-in conditioner and scrunching to add definition and control fuzz.

Ponytail in Medium Hair

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Men (29)© Travis DesLaurier. Brushed back only the top part of his dark blonde hair, exposing a high undercut for achieving this kind of medium hairstyle. The hair has been pulled into a high spiky ponytail – a perfect do for a relaxed afternoon.

Brushed Back Medium Hairstyles for Men

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Men (30)© Nyle DiMarco. 100% masculine. Short and destructured haircut combined with longer strands on the top to create a dimension to vary styling. For achieving this kind of medium hairstyle wept backwards using Wax Extra Forte in the Franck Provost Styling range or a wet-look effect with Gel Wet Look in the Franck Provost Styling range to bring out the softness of the hair.

Neat Standard Medium Hair

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Men (31)© Inge Van den Broeck. Don’t hide your baby blues with hair flopping into your face. Showcase a fresh face with a clean cut men’s medium hairstyle that won’t impede with your good looks.

Ruffled Balayage Medium Hair

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Men (32)© Chris McMillan The Salon, Kyle Krieger. Balayage for men? Of course! This gorgeous male medium hairstyle is a must try for men with thick, mid length hair. Just be sure to go to a hairstylist who understands the importance of toning. You want caramel highlights, not yellow (we hope that particular 90s trend does not come back in style).

Cool Ruffled Look

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Men (33)© JaguarPS/Shutter Stock. Trendy disheveled medium length hairstyles for men can be characterized as “energetic”, full of movement, edge and texture, i.e. everything that primarily flatters men’s nature. Robert Pattinson shows off the cool style with a root lift, extra definition and semi-matt finish. It’s one of our favorites in this review.

Neat Ivy League Medium Haircut

Trendiest Medium Hairstyles for Men (34)© Ross Parlane Barber shop. Here’s a masculine medium haircut that will never go out of style. The clean edging around the ear and the nape combined with the low taper lend a modern appeal. Smoothing your hair back and out of the way is a very clean approach to medium length hair.

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