50 Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women and Men

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (29)Curly hair is an elegant fiber. Curly hairstyles and curly haircuts bear an incomparable romantic cool flair, either you can opt for natural curly hairstyles, curly shag haircuts styled messy or elegant fashionable updos for curly hair. Most of the curly hairstyles are natural, integral and fabulous. Unluckily, most people go to get their curly fibers straight out of disturbance because it tends to get uncontrollable.
For women, bob curly hairstyles with delicious curls and with ends those are textured are perfect graceful options for summer. In order to avoid an excessive bulk these, same like long curly hairstyles, we suggest layers cut in for curly hair. Medium curly hairstyles can easily embrace fun braided elements or be ornamented with cute hair accessories.
For men, small curly haircut is suggested, because long curly hairs need a lot of care. This is not suitable for many busy men. But long curly hair are worthy, we see many men opt for long curly layers with highlights look really elegant. One thing needs to be understood with curly hair that you have to make sure that your hair doesn’t get frizzy and dry. In that case your hair will be uncontrollable and rebellious. So now, plug into a vast collection of curly hairstyles for both women and men.

Curly Hairstyles for Women

Long Escalation Curly Hairstyles

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (1)© Team John Beerens. If you have fine curly hair, then you can make them glam-fabulous with the help of a large curling iron. Your twisting curls escalation their way around the head with much motion, description and with the long fringe that is swept to the side the face. Your side swept twisting curls do not only conceal but also frame with a cavort mass of blonde or brunette curls. In the above image her hair color is warm and deep brown with a few highlights for extra depth.

Typical Curly Hair

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (2)© Chris McMillan The Salon, curly hairstyle by Stacie Costell. This kind of curly hairstyles has its own character and a special delightful associated. Very few people have this kind of curly hair structure. But this kind of curl can be achieved with perfect curling iron. Broad curling iron can achieve this kind of loose feature curls. You must leave the ends safe and sound for a chic disheveled finish on the edges.

Long Rowdy Wild Curls

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (3)© Saint Algue. You may be blessed with this wild kind of curls, if not then it can be achieve by giving your curling iron a good workout. You can amaze the world with a head full of rowdy, delicious curls. We think the balanced mixture of disheveling and discrete contours is the secret to the unavoidable charm of this lioness’ mane. Attitude and confidence level plays a major role while spotting this kind of curly hairstyle.

Magnificent Curly Updo

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (4)© Fiancee Magazine. This updo curly hairstyle is loved by brides. This incredible curly hairstyle with a messy touch remains distinguished and never goes out of trend in spite of its loose and trampled structure. And the best thing you don’t need very long hair to create this beauty. A medium curly haircut would be a good enough for it. This kind of distinguished hairstyle can’t be achieved with straight strand, so now ladies, you have figure out that your curly hair are blessed from God for your special day.

Lob Medium Curly Hairstyles

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (5)© Chris McMillan The Salon, highlights color by Justin Anderson. This curly hairstyle is one which remains on top for many years. A longer curly lob can make anyone’s round face shapes look long, and the messy curls are on the spot with the negligible beauty trend for last many years. Fashionable women love this hairstyle.

Medium Bob Curly Hairstyles

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (6)© Curl Power Salon by Gypsy Magic Hair. In this type of curly hairstyles curls are cut in right length of layers which stand out bouncy and distinct. Women with smaller face shapes also can opt this kind of hairstyle, since it gives a reversed triangle shape. Long curly bob layers are put near the chin.

Baggy Twisting Curls

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (7)© Chris McMillan The Salon Color by Zabriela. An elegant and romantic look can take you very far. This lovable curly hairstyle with baggy twisting curls is perfect for any type of occasion. A simple and elegant style, but make sure hair does not get frizzy. Just air dries your hair and get ready for a hangout at beach, for dinner with friends and night out at club.

Gorgeous Bridal Curly Updo

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (8)© Hair and Makeup by Steph. This gorgeous bridal curly low bun takes a more polished loom to a curly updo for a dazzling bridal look. Collected curls with flimsy loose strands are a charming option for a beautiful bride on her wedding day.

Curly Bob Hairstyle with a Braid

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (9)© Watch out Ladies. The disheveled medium-length bob curly hairstyles are stunning example of the trendy just awake styles that you can make in a matter of minutes. If you are blessed with natural curly hair, then you don’t even necessitate worrying about the blemish of the curls. Just braid some part of your hair, wrapping your head on one side as an embellishment.

Curly Playful Bob

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (10)© Curl Power Salon by Rosie Jablonsky. Curly hairstyles are inspiring for wearing playful contemporary haircuts. The highlights and lowlights give curly hair impression of graceful swirls. Angled cut is the secret behind achieving this kind of playful curly bob. If you have decided to get this curly bob then you have to describe to your hairstylist exactly how you anticipate the hair casing your face.

Short Balayage Curly Bob

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (11)© Elena Gatzios. This balayage curly hairstyle gives a peek-a-boo to the dark under layer. If you got straight hair and you want to add volume with curls, then it’s best option to achieve that. Otherwise if you are blessed with naturally curly hair, then it’s also suitable for your, if you want something different in your hair. Put the long front strands behind your ear, or allow them to move backward and forward and frame your face.

One Side Shaved Curly Hair

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (12)© Rodrigo Araújo. If we tell you that you can get something young-looking and jumpy curly hairstyle then would be catch that? Why not? Look at this style that is half curly short hair and half shaved. The shaved side, whether It can be left or right side, keeps things a bit disobedient, while the thick wavy side can be colored with great suitable vibrant colors.

Bob with Vintage Curls

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (13)© Cebado. Renee Zellweger wore this curly hairstyle with vintage curls every now and then and it is an enduring and sexy choice for many women. In order to achieve this hairstyle the hair are cut in large and regular curls that bring a oppressive vintage flair to fashion idols in past times and still it attracts to modern fashion idols.

Pretty Curly Layers

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (14)© Alexia J, Free Your Hair. When you get cut your curls in layers, then it can lend a lot of volume and buff to your look. By using curls conditioner you can make your curls soft it will be amazingly fast and easy to achieve. One piece of advice from us for getting this dazzling curly hairstyle, that use specialized hairclips to section off the hair when curling, it will amazingly reduce your daily preparation time to half.

Short Multi-colored Curly Coils

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (15)© Curl Power Salon by Rosie Jablonsky. You can wear twisted curly hair with an attitude of rock star. Going along with your natural texture is a gigantic part of the rock star appeal. The back is kept short and soft kisses of blue and purple along with natural golden locks. A mousse or hold spray will hold your curly locks in right place.

Playful Pixie Curly Haircut

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (16)© Annette Kemp. Not everybody can sport playful pixie curly haircut, but if you are blessed with some special facial structure like flawlessly arched brows, full lips and high cheekbones, then you can change your overall appearance to castle in the sky.

Pixie Curly Haircuts with Natural Curls

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (17)© Jasmine. If you are blessed with stretched ringlets, you should not avoid short curly hairstyles either. Flaunt your texture with even curls that narrow off just around your full head; it will keep you looking more high-class and less like a poodle.

Pixie Curly Hairstyle With Bangs

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Women (18)© Kristan Elliott.By having bangs with a pixie curly haircut, you can also make thin hair emerge more full and bouncy. Simply curl your hair and brush it upwards for maximum volume, but avoid using this method all over your head. Without smooth sides this can go worse instead of getting dazzling.

Curly Hairstyles for Men

Vintage Curly Hairstyles

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Men (19)© BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team. You can achieve this vintage curly hairstyle by typical cutting line around the onward perimeter – including a longer edging area. The hairs are typically longer in the top, crown and nape to take gain of the hair’s natural wave. The sides of the hair are tapered in order to achieve a balance of volume. You should use a light hold spray or smoothing serums to maintain the softness and veracity of your natural curls.

Disheveled Curly Hairstyle

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Men (20)© Cebado. The disheveled curly hairstyle is all about the geometric balance of the features. This is a dazzling type of hairstyle for those men and guys with very curly hair in order to manage volume bounce and give an esthetically gratifying style. In order to achieve these curly hairstyles blow-dry your hair with normal or if possible with a diffuser is perfect. Don’t forget to apply styling product and scrunching method.

Back-swept Curly Waves

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Men (21)© Lucas Teixeira.You can achieve stylish back-swept curly hairstyles in nominal effort. Not all curly hairstyles for men need so much styling products to look dazzling. Whether you have long or short hair, take benefit of your hair’s natural volume and texture by letting it naturally swept-back. All you need just to give your hair a defining side part.

Curls Only On Top of Head

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Men (22)© Men Peluqueros. Want to feel the wind blow through your hair, if yes then leave some curls with enough length on top of head with faded sides. This is the best hairstyle for men with thicker hair with minimal care and no more styling products. Shape of your face doesn’t matter for sporting this style.

Lion’s Curls

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Men (23)© Gabriel D’artagnan. This curly hairstyle with lion curls one can’t be restrained. Not all curly hairstyles truly require haircuts, though you might be interested in getting this lion curls with a curling iron, but the best result comes with natural thick curly hair. This curly hairstyle suits most on men with long, thin faces.

Mohawk Inspired Curly Hairstyle

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Men (24)© Alupper Cut. Do you need to sport punk artistic and soft curly hairstyles? Then fill your need with these bouncy curls together with this curly hairstyle for men. In order to achieve extra intensity to the look get your hair double-toned with highlighting outer part of hair.

Faded sides & Back with Short Curls

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Men (25)© Mike Andrews. Curly haircuts for men with curly hair can be quite short. Slowly grow into your natural hair by minimizing your volume and maximizing your fade. This short look requires a lot of upkeep, so get ready for regular trims. On the plus side though, this look is both business and party ready, so you don’t have to worry about styling your hair differently.

Feathery Medium Curls

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Men (26)© Manoel Oliveira. This style probably has the most fun shape from all the curly hairstyles mentioned here. It’s best for relaxing after a long weekday – and you always have the option of pulling it back if you need to. If you’re looking for something to do with your long, naturally voluminous hair, just let it grow to its natural shape.

Natural Long Volume

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Men (27)When working with men’s curly hairstyles, it’s important to rely on your natural color, volume, and curl shape. Don’t be afraid to use some products to enhance your look (like our model does below), but keep the usage light as to not overwhelm your curls. You want your hair to look as natural as possible!

Clean Look Curly Hairstyle

Dazzling Curly Hairstyles For Men (27)© Men Peluqueros. A male undercut curly hairstyle for hair is a way to wear cute curls on top, while your sides remain super clean, being clipped to #1 or #2. It’s optimal to wear your curls textured with hair mousse or cream for curly hair. The products remove frizz, highlight the lovely shape of the curl and provide the right degree of fixation without the effect of stiff, rigid hair.

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