40 Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women and Men

When you are looking at the hairstyles of black ladies, you can see how extremely fashionable they are. And this is mostly because they prefer stylish short hairstyles. They say that short hairdos for black women are up-to-date, as they go not only with the fashion, but with the entire character of these ladies, who seem great and elegant in the brown and black hair that is cut short to the best size ever.

Normally, short hairstyles look best when they are left natural. However, when it comes to really short cuts, you cannot vary their styles often and need a professional hairdo. FYI, latest styles and trends make it possible to go limitless styling options for black women with really short hair.

What to choose? You can opt for versatile bob with different angles, straightened style and typical African hairstyle. Black woman’s hair is of a special texture, so many lengths and styles won’t match them. Short hair can perfectly complete the look, no matter whether they decide to opt for a straightening or maintain the natural hair texture.

They can run from the bob style and to the extra-mini buzz, looking for the hairdo that will match the personality best. In fact, most celebrities offer wonderful examples on how short hair can be worn with confidence and really great style.

Black Hairstyles for Women

Beautiful Bob with Side Part

40 Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (1)© Anthony Cuts. Short hairstyles for black women are killing the hair game lately – this look is leading the pack. The side part of this gorgeous bob sits lower than your average side part for a statement sweep that speaks chic and perfection.

Long Black Curly Hair

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (2)© PR Photos. Audacious socialite Natasha Budhi reveals a completely full expansive head of hair and more. I’d say, that is a pretty swanky platinum dress she is sporting these days. But, we are talking about hair aren’t we?

Moving right along, her long hair is parted in the fashionable off centered area with small curls on top of each other. This style is a very difficult and time consuming procedure.

If your heart is set upon it, go get that glass of wine while you are blocking up your hair into sections of three in the back; of the bottom, middle and crown area. Block your top off by itself and the sides can be blocked up into two; top and bottom. You will need to find the smallest curling iron (smaller than your baby finger) you can find and begin on the very bottom of the back.

Apply the hotsets and wrap very small pieces of hair vertically across the back of your head. Take a drink of wine before you continue to the next row. Small means about 3mlm. Do this across your whole back laying the wee curls on top of each other.

Begin on one side, on the bottom and work your way up even to the top of the head laying the curls over the lower ones. By the time you get done you will have finished the whole bottle because your arms will be giving out. The easier way is to get a tight spiral permanent and save your wine for later.

Short Black Hairstyle

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (3)© Najah Aziz. The wonderful side effect that accompanies short haircuts is the attention they draw to your whole look. A choppy pixie reveals your inner sassy girl. It’s fun, playful, sexy and low maintenance. What else could you expect from a cut?

Curly Pixie Black Haircut

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (4)© Khristie Jackson. Here’s another cute pixie variety to add to the stock of classy black women hairstyles. This curly style is neat and discreet, but it oozes good taste and sophistication.

Decorated Natural Curly Black Hair

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (5)© Hair by Tanya, Friends Salon. Going natural is very popular right now with black women, but sometimes it isn’t realistic for all. It requires a lot of maintenance and isn’t always very functional for certain vocations. If you love the idea of natural hair but struggle to sport it yourself, go for a short and cropped version like this cute style.

High Top Dreadlocks Black Hair

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (6)© Bri Steves. Piling your luscious dreadlocks high atop your head is an effortless way to pull off a regal look. Thick locs styles like this one lend themselves well to updos, but they’re just as fabulous when you leave them long and free.

Locks Braided Bob with Beads

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (7)© Belle Du Jour The Salon. You can spice up your faux dreads with all kinds of adornments and accessories. You can go all out or keep it subtle, like in this example. Although this gorgeous girl has only a few golden beads in her dreadlocks, they’re perfectly placed to highlight her features.

Parted & Interlocked Dreads Black Hairstyles

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (8)© Daya Soul. Loc styles are as versatile as they come. A casual side swept ‘do is an ideal day-to-day option. It’s quick to do with effortlessly elegant results, plus, it works for any loc-length.

Braided Box Black Hairstyle

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (9)© Belle Du Jour The Salon. Box Braids for the pretty Briana. We love everything about this look. The dreadlocks themselves are long and luscious, the highlight is perfect, and that braid is everything. You could even turn it into a full braided headband!

Long, Wobbly Locs Black Hair

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (10)© Nneoma. Wear your faux locs loose, long, and lush, too. Let them cascade and tumble wherever you like. Gotta say, though, swept over the shoulder like this … that’s breathtaking. Simple, elegant, timeless…

Dreadlocks with a Curl

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (11)© Brittany J. This is one of our favorite loc hairstyles, no question. The curls at the ends of the dreadlock braids are gorgeous, perfectly formed spirals! Anybody else has hair envy?

Flat Twist into Bun

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (12)© RONESIA BARRS. Flat twist your hair, install extensions and make a large braided bun. Luckily, now you don’t have to wait until your hair grows very long. A thick and full bun is accessible and easy to assemble.

Back Twist with Feeder Cornrows

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (13)© Belle Du Jour The Salon. Style hair up and out of your way with these cool twists that vary in width from thin to chunky. You can keep this style in for weeks, making it the perfect choice for summertime.

Flat Twisted & Braided Updo

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (14)© Belle Du Jour The Salon. A flat twist updo is adorable and convenient for girls who are active but still want to look beautiful. This can be worked into any hair type, including weaves and natural hair. Keep it in for a day or a week – this is one versatile updo.

Imaginative Pile Up

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (15)© Rare Essence Academy. When you flat twist your hair, you aren’t limited to one type of braid. As this shows below, with extensions you can “grow” braids from super small at the nape of the neck up to chunky, fuller twists up top.

Twisted Top Black Hair

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (16)© Belle Du Jour The Salon. Twisted hairstyles are a great help in the continuous fight with split ends. Experiment with twists` size, parting, plaiting angle and accessories. Your style will never be boring again!

Curly Bob Black Hairstyle

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (17)© MK Hair Studio. An angled, asymmetrical bob looks stunning with both straight hair and curls. Go for a medium length cut like this one so that the angle is sharper and more dramatic. Wavy texture will give the style more shape and fullness.

Natural Curly Black Mane

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (18)© Belle Du Jour The Salon. Modern curls are extremely light and natural-looking. These are also beneficially enhanced with random chocolate highlights, revitalizing this gorgeous airy hairstyle.

Short Black Hairstyles with Bangs

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (19)© Rachel Renae. Nothing says edgy and stylish like short hairdos and arched eyebrows. Jazz up this cute fauxhawk by making it your own! Undercuts flatter black ladies immensely. Adding color will not only compliment your black hair, but skin tone as well. On your way home from the salon, treat yourself to a new ear piercing.

Straightened Black Bob

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Women (20)© Anthony Cuts. If you’ve been going through a tussle with your hair lately, this is for you. Do not walk, do not skip – Run. Run to your favorite hair salon and cop this style. Have him or her lay and slay your hair! Don’t forget to ask for that deep part.

Curly Top and Faded Sides and Nape

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Men (21)© Slider Cut. Confused between a low top fade and a high top fade? Go for a haircut that looks modern and features the gradation of textures from natural curls to bare skin that blurs the hairline around ears and at the nape of the neck.

Downy and Wavy Faded Black Haircut

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Men (22)© Santiago Marin. This is a diagonal fade that continues the line of the forehead hairline. It’s also updated with 360 waves which have been very popular in their classic 360 form, but now it’s time to put a new spin on them, blending them with a fade.

Geometrical Black Haircut

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Men (23)© Slider Cut.Bring true art to live with a cut that utilizes geometric shapes and accurate lines for a stunning result. This cut never goes out of style with its urban pulse and freedom for expression with straight or curly thick hair.

Mohawk Cut with Faded Sides

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Men (24)© Pedro Abreu. For a mens fade that goes beyond the ordinary, ask for a Mohawk fade that is mirrored by a facial hairstyle. The designs cut into the nape are also really unique, since typically designs are on the sides.

Temple Fade with Curly Black Hair

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Men (25)© Aaron Simpkins. A curly fade is the best of both worlds. You get the height and volume on top without having the look of long hair. This is a popular style on the east coast, and it’s often done as a temple fade.

Straightened Black Hairstyle for Men

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Men (26)© Johnny. Who said black men cannot enjoy the looks of straight hair. This is perfect for men who want to try new styles.

Long Natural Black Hair

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Men (27)© Xavier Ivan. Black guys with long hair have a lot of style options. This look is definitely giving off an emo rocker vibe. Or maybe it’s just the vintage jacket? Anyways long black hair looks amazing when kept nicely conditioned. The tight curls are defined but still fluid.

Long Black Dreadlocks

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Men (28)© Omari S. Luke. Somebody has been patient! His hair is so long it must have taken years. And yet, it is so smooth and well maintained, it doesn’t have a wild, straggly look. To get micro dreads like these, you’ll need to find the right balance between keeping hair clean and keeping it moisturized.

Bun Black Hairstyle

Beautiful Black Hairstyles for Men (29)© London School of Barbering. For an easy way to stand out from the crowd that doesn’t require too much maintenance, go for a half top knot. Ladies love a black guy with a bun. For real. This is a creative style that is still very urban. Keep the fade below looking clean with regular trips to the barber.

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